Ave Maria, WoO. 156
Music from the original motion picture soundtrack

Directed by Insung Hwang
Produced by Joe Campanale
Recorded and engineered by Henry Lim and Serge Djang
Recorded at Paperclip Studios, Redondo Beach and some studio in Hollywood

Henry Lim, programming, sampler
Niki McGriff, vocals 

A project that originated sometime in 2000,
Ave Maria started off as a recording of the vocals from Schubert's Op. 52 No. 6 with the intention of remixing it for an impressionistic music video.  3 years later, I got a script for a loose narrative on "death/birth" and cut and pasted a rough variation of the music in techno style.  After the film was shot and edited to the template track, I finalized the score according to the visuals.

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