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Here's a greyscale mosaic of Catwoman, the transformed alter ego of Selina Kyle, as portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer (1958-) in Tim Burton's movie Batman Returns, which was based on characters created by Bob Kane for Detective Comics.  It took 35 mosaic sets from LEGO's online Shop At Home catalogue.  (I got the idea to use these sets as a source for parts when I was helping Eric Harshbarger complete his greyscale mosaic).  I submitted a generic colour bar pattern to yield a maximum distribution of 1x1 plates in the 5 available colours: black, 3 shades of grey, and white.  1x1 plates, however, don't have much structural integrity, especially for a mosaic when piled upwards.  So obviously, I used bricks and larger sized plates wherever possible, and also to construct a backing.  A goal of this project was to see how big (translation: better resolution) I could make a  mosaic while maintaining sturdiness.  And although this mosaic turned out to be "slightly" (dimensions: 4.5 x 7.5 ft.) unwieldy, it held together well at 2 studs thick...

Then she crashed down, cracking into several sections and dispersing strands of 1x1 plates.  I have since rebuilt her.  However, this time around I "cheated" and used glue.        
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