Donnie's Tree, op. 7
Music from the original motion picture soundtrack

Produced and directed by Insung Hwang
Recorded and engineered by Umberto Belfiore and Henry Lim
Recorded at Jan Popper Theater and in the practice rooms at Schoenberg Hall, UCLA

Henry Lim, piano, bass
Teresa Pitts, vocals 

Sometimes I get lucky.  Rather than compose new music for this film, I simply varieted one of my
pop tunes--changed the time signature and voila, instant waltz.  Originally, this piece was to be a source cue (played in the background on a record player) but it worked well as a theme.  So it got placed in several other scenes, following and conjuring memories of a character.  And I swear I didn't plan it, but my opening melody coincidentally echoes the first lines of the traditional song "Motherless Child".  This was such an easy film to score...               

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