Good Vibrations, WoO. 146
Music from the original motion picture soundtrack

Produced and directed by Insung Hwang
Recorded and engineered by Henry Lim and Umberto Belfiore
Recorded at Paperclip Studios, Redondo Beach and the Music Library, Schoenberg Hall, UCLA

Henry Lim, harmonica, Wavestation, sampler, drum machine, guitar
The Good Vibrations Singers, vocals 

I'm a sucker for a cute pop song, especially one sung by girls.  An opportunity arose to compose such a ditty for this film, with the lyrics supplied by the director.  The rest of the score comprises of short little cues often played on solo instruments as source cues (the homeless woman playing a harmonica), punctuations (the prostitute's motif), and brief underscore (the chase and fight scenes).  Dig my cameo--I'm the spitting man.

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