Miscellaneous Sculptures

I built this on commission for JE Sverdrup CRSS, an engineer, architect, and construction firm.  It was specified to be based on the Lincoln Memorial.

This was originally commissioned for an album cover, but the client never paid.  The funky colour scheme was their brilliant idea.
Treble Clef Mosaic

I made ten of these as Xmas presents for friends, neighbours, and co-workers.  They were done free-hand.
BricksWest Tiki Head

For the inaugural BricksWest convention, I was asked to build its thematic icon to be accompanied by a plaque that was presented to its organizer.
DJ Turntables

I made this for a DJ friend.

I made this for a raver friend.  A duplicate of this design was also made (using black, pink, and white) as a gift for my cousin.
Record case

This was a Xmas present for a DJ friend.  It holds 45 rpm singles.  Technic pieces were used to create the hinges and locking mechanism.
White Building

In collaboration with the Art Saves Lives collective, I built this model which was based on a similar design by Eric Harshbarger for the Forum Corporation's tradeshow.
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