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This is undoubtedly the largest LEGO sculpture I've ever made so far (I'd even go so far as to say it's bigger than everything I've ever constructed, combined).  Measurements: 14 ft. long from the tip of the beak to the end of the tail; the tallest back plate peaks over 6 ft. from the ground; and at its widest it spans about 3 ft.  It incorporates most of the (bigger) pieces included in over 100 tubs of 1200 pieces, 200 service packs of green bricks, 2500 bulk ordered green 2x4s, several more green bricks acquired from auctions and trades, and a dash of grey, dark grey, and tan.  The internal structure had to be sturdy enough to support the massive weight of the body--the legs are obviously nearly solid.  And not to mention the tensions pulled by the neck and tail.  (No glue was used).  Currently the tail needs non-LEGO support--I'm using empty tubs.  I spent 7 months slowly watching it grow into my living room.  If I had more space, I would've made a fully grown, lifesize stegosaurus...     

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