The Box, op. 6
Music from the original motion picture soundtrack

Produced and directed by Insung Hwang
Recorded and engineered by Umberto Belfiore
Recorded at the Music Library, Schoenberg Hall, UCLA, Decemeber 1, 2001

Umberto Belfiore, violoncellos 

This film is based on Plato's cave allegory.  The four notes of the main motif symbolizes the four walls of the box, which seem to corner itself even when half of it is transposed.  This claustrophobia compounds as glimpses of the outside world inspire one of the occupants of the box to abstract upon his surroundings.  The motif goes through a pseudo fugue replete with isomorphisms (inversions and diminishments) which represent inquisitiveness trapped.  After the climatic breakout from the box, I decided to score silence, for once out of the cave, a sense of "enlightenment" should ensue.  I'm not idiotic enough to fake music on such a level of transcendence, so I figured silence is probably the closest approximation. 

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