Things That Go Wrong, op. 1
Music from the original motion picture soundtrack

- Theme
- Score
Produced and directed by Karen Gracy
Recording produced by Henry Lim
Recorded at Paperclip Studios, Redondo Beach

Henry Lim, Wavestation
It was the flapper hat worn by the lead actress (Callie Holmes) that triggered the quasi-ragtime theme.  From that the rest of the score wrote itself, literally, in one night.  The film is about a girl and the things that go wrong in a day in her life--the hair dryer, the toaster, getting a parking ticket, etc.  And then the world blows up.  Not that the setting was necessarily the 1920s, but with the absence of dialogue, my perspective was influenced toward a silent film kind of slightly detuned piano pounding melodrama.  Coincidentally, I was in my Joplin phase at the time, which no doubt facilitated the finger work.
  Available on the album Opp. 1-3
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